VMC Members




1. Chairman :

    Mr. Goutam Banerjee, Divisional Railway Manager, S.E.RlyKharagpur.



2. Nominee Chairman :

    Mr. P. Singha Roy, Divisional Personnel Officer-1, S.E.Rly Kharagpur.



    Two eminent Educationists :

 3. Dr. N. Singh, Rector Ramkrishna Vivekananda Mission High School,Uttar Machogram.

 4. Dr. Pankaj Saha, HOD Hindi, Kharagpur College, , Kharagpur.


5. An eminent person of the area known for outstanding work in the field of culture :

    Sri Anil Ghorai, Principal, System Technical Training School,S.E. Railway, Kharagpur


   Two parents of the children studying in the KV to be nominated by the Chairman, VMC on therecommendation       of the Principal, one of whom should be a lady, The term ofthese members will be for one year :

6. Mrs.Paramita Murmu, Parent Member VMC

7. Dr.Biswabrata Hati, Parent Member VMC


8. An eminent medical doctor of the area :

   Dr. A.Mondal,  Chief Medical Superintend, Main Hospital,S.E.Rly Kharagpur.


9. A representative of SC/ST belonging to  Cl I service if available if not a member of minority :

    Mr. A. K.Solanki, Sr. DEE (G), S.E.Rly, Kharagpur.


10. A teacher representative :

    Mr. M.B.K.Singh, TGT (English)), K.V.No. 2, Kharagpur.


11. Principal of the K V Member- Secretary

     Mr. Kishor Kumar , Principal  KV No.2, Kharagpur


 12. Co-opted Member :

       Mr. A. K. Sahoo,  Divisional Engineer (HQ), Kharagpur.


13. Chairman, C G E W C C

      Not given.

14. Technical Member : 

      Mr. Tapan Saha, Executive Engineer( I ), PWD Kharagpur