VMC Members




1. Chairman :

    Mr. Goutam Banerjee, Divisional Railway Manager, S.E.RlyKharagpur.



2. Nominee Chairman :

    Mr. P. Singha Roy, Divisional Personnel Officer-1, S.E.Rly Kharagpur.



    Two eminent Educationists :

 3. Dr. N. Singh, Rector Ramkrishna Vivekananda Mission High School,Uttar Machogram.

 4. Dr. Pankaj Saha, HOD Hindi, Kharagpur College, , Kharagpur.


5. An eminent person of the area known for outstanding work in the field of culture :



   Two parents of the children studying in the KV to be nominated by the Chairman, VMC on therecommendation       of the Principal, one of whom should be a lady, The term ofthese members will be for one year :

6. Mrs.Paramita Murmu, Parent Member VMC

7. Dr.Biswabrata Hati, Parent Member VMC


8. An eminent medical doctor of the area :

   Dr. A.Mondal,  Chief Medical Superintend, Main Hospital,S.E.Rly Kharagpur.


9. A representative of SC/ST belonging to  Cl I service if available if not a member of minority :

    Mr. A. K.Solanki, Sr. DEE (G), S.E.Rly, Kharagpur.


10. A teacher representative :

    Mr. M.B.K.Singh, TGT (English)), K.V.No. 2, Kharagpur.


11. Principal of the K V Member- Secretary

     Mr. Kishor Kumar , Principal  KV No.2, Kharagpur


 12. Co-opted Member :

       Mr. A. K. Sahoo,  Divisional Engineer (HQ), Kharagpur.


13. Chairman, C G E W C C

      Not given.

14. Technical Member : 

      Mr. Rajib Kumar Biswas, Executive Engineer, PWD Kharagpur Division